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Belfast Interface Games

Belfast Interface Games

01 August 2013

East Belfast event held at PlayBall!

In partnership with Ulster Rugby, the Gaelic Athletic Association, and the Irish Football Association, PeacePlayers International - Northern Ireland held three fun-filled days of sport and community relations camps at PlayBall from 23rd - 25th July, leading up to the Belfast Interface Games event.

The Belfast Interface Games project featured the Game of Three Halves, which incorporates three of the most popular sports in Northern Ireland (rugby, football, and Gaelic football). The initiative aims to promote respect for diversity in a fun and safe environment, while introducing young people to the three different sports.

The camp at PlayBall was one in a series of camps held in North, South, West, and East Belfast which culminated at a flagship event that took place on Friday 9th August and brought together participants from across all of Belfast.

Coaches led cross-community teams with participation in all three sports, as well as team-building activities aimed at developing positive relationships.

For further information on the Belfast Interface Games please visit the PeacePlayers NI website by clicking here

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